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The Club by Eric Walters
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- Book Trailer for Blue to the Sky by Sylvia McNicoll -
- Winner of the Jean Little First Novel Award
and the City of Victoria Children's Book Prize -

Congratulations, Leslie!

“The story is approachable and good-natured, wearing its subversive subtext lightly as it presents an unredeemed bad mother, a plot detail that involves questioning the Indian Act and an upending of the white saviour trope … A middle-grade summer story that plays with the genre in ways both satisfyingly familiar and refreshingly new.”

— Jean Little First Novel Award jury citation, Maggie de Vries, Sarah Ellis, and Kit Pearson

Elvis, Me, and the Lemonade Stand Summer
ICYMI Virtual Book Launch
Swept Away by Natalie Hyde
hosted by Sylvia McNicoll

About  DCB

DCB, an imprint of Cormorant Books, publishes fiction and non-fiction for middle grade and young adult readers, and children’s picture books. 

The goal of DCB is to help readers explore and think about their world through high quality books. We celebrate the intelligence and potential of young people who engage with literature, and hope to provide them with a starting point for a lifetime of learning.

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