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Love, Ish

by Karen Rivers

Price: $12.95

Ages: 10 to 13

Publication Date: April 22, 2017

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Mischa "Ish" Love knows she'll be one of the first settlers on Mars. She's applied to — and been rejected from — the Mars Now project forty-seven times, but the mission won't leave for ten years, and Ish hasn't given up hope. She also hasn't given up hope that Tig will be her best friend again. When Ish collapses on the first day of seventh grade, she gets a diagnosis that threatens all her future plans. As Ish fights cancer, she dreams in vivid detail about the Martian adventures she's always known she'd have - and makes unexpected discoveries about love, fate, and her place in the vast universe.

Love, Ish

ISBN: 9781770864924

Format: Trade Paperback

Size: 5" x 8"


JUV039030 JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Death & Dying

JUV036000 JUVENILE FICTION / Science & Technology

JUV039060 JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Friendship


Commended, 2016 Best Books for Kids and Teens

Shortlisted, 2018 Hackmatack Children's Choice Book Award


“Mischa’s unique voice and way of perceiving the world are consistently absorbing, and her additional struggles with losing her best (and only) friend and coming to terms with being adopted expand it far beyond her illness … A star-bright story of love, courage, and unflagging spirit.” Starred review

“A worthwhile and affecting odyssey.”
Kirkus Reviews

“This book packs an emotional punch . . . [A] heartbreaking and sharply wry tale about friendship, family, fate, and illness.”
School Library Journal

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