Written by:  Meaghan McIsaac

ISBN: 9781770863088 
Price: $12.95
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 5.40" x 8.05"

Ages: 10 to 13

Publication Date: Sep 01, 2013



JUV059000 JUVENILE FICTION / Dystopian
JUV001000 JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / General
JUV039140 JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance

Shortlisted, 2015 Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award
Shortlisted, 2014 Sunbusrt Award (Young Adult)


“An ambitious novel which should impress epic fantasy enthusiasts thoroughly … an excellent read perfectly suited for middle grade audiences." Recommended.
CM Magazine


“A fast-moving, sometimes heartbreaking adventure with enough vicious creatures and action to keep readers entertained, while imparting a subtle message that no one should be judged without having a chance to prove him- or herself.”
Quill & Quire


“An intriguing story … McIsaac has a knack for creating multi-dimensional characters; Urgle in particular is well drawn. The action is fast-paced and will keep readers engaged.”
— National Reading Campaign




Urgle is not a good hunter; he's not good at much of anything, particularly being a big brother to Cubby. But he has no family to fall back on: Urgle and Cubby live among the Brothers of the Ikkuma Pit. One by one, generations of boys have been abandoned as babies by their mothers to fend for themselves in the Pit. They spend their lives struggling to survive in an all-boys village. They don't know what lies outside the Pit, because no one has ever ventured out and returned to tell about it. Until now.


When a brother from the past comes back to Ikkuma, the group wants to know what he has seen since he left, and what he knows about why they have all been abandoned. But then Cubby goes missing. Urgle organizes a search party to find him, and the boys realize they're going to learn first-hand what the outside world is like. Are they prepared to learn the true story behind their exile?


Fast-paced and emotionally gripping, Urgle is the first book in Meaghan McIsaac's Brothers of the Ikkuma Pit series.

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