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As of June 22, 2022, Cormorant Books and DCB have passed Benetech's GCA™ Certification for accessible ebooks.

We try to make our ebooks as accessible as possible. Our knowledge of accessibility standards is a work in progress so please forgive us if a particular eBook is not accessible to you. We make an effort to meet the requirements of the EPUB Accessibility specification with conformance to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level “AA” and include various accessibility features such as alternative text, tables of contents, structural navigation, page-lists, landmarks, and reading order. There are no flashing, sound, or motion simulation hazards. Please contact us through info[at]cormorantbooks[dot]com if there is a feature you need that we have not included.

Cormorant Books, Inc / DCB is a signatory to the Charter of Accessible Publishing. The objective is to make our e-books accessible to all.

With this objective in mind, we hereby commit to:

  1. stating our accessibility policy on our web-site, including adherence to this Charter;

  2. nominating a senior manager who will be responsible for accessibility;

  3. raising awareness among, and provide technical training for, relevant staff;

  4. designating and publicizing a point of contact in our organization to assist persons with print disabilities to access our publications;

  5. testing our digital publications for accessibility, incorporating appropriate feature descriptions and metadata;

  6. monitoring our progress in this area;

  7. promoting the adoption of accessibility standards throughout the supply chain; and

  8. supporting national and international collaboration with organizations representing persons with print disabilities so as to increase the availability of publications in accessible formats.

Please visit the Accessible Book Consortium for more information.

Please note that our eBooks sold through traditional retail channels have DRM and may not be accessible. If you require a DRM-free version, please contact Proof of purchase may be required.

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