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More than Words
Navigating the Complex World of Communication
by Valerie Sherrard and Natalie Hyde
illustrated by  David Jardine

More than Words

ISBN: 9781770867192

Format: Hardcover

Size: 6" x 8"


JNF053090 JUVENILE NONFICTION / Social Topics / Manners & Etiquette

JNF053160 JUVENILE NONFICTION / Social Topics / Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance

JNF070000 JUVENILE NONFICTION / Inspirational & Personal Growth

Price: $19.95

Ages: 9 to 12

Publication Date: October 7, 2023

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The way we express ourselves matters! This goes for everyone, even our youth. Children may not realize it, but they are constantly communicating wherever they go — whether through talking, body language, hand gestures, or facial expressions, they have a lot to say. But how do kids learn how to read these signals from others and to become aware of their own?


Oftentimes, communication in this digital age can result in misunderstandings or confrontations. We’ve seen communication skills among children wane drastically throughout the pandemic and it is important, now more than ever, for kids to develop their communication superpowers!


This informative and illustrated guide teaches children how to communicate effectively and confidently. With quick tips, comic strip-style illustrations, and a glossary of communication-related terms, this book provides fun and engaging instructions about the magical world of communication, from speaking, non-verbal communication, active listening skills, good grammar, conflict resolution, and more!


With a little guidance, communication can be every child’s superpower!

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