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by Ali Bryan


ISBN: 9781770867406

Format: Trade Paperback

Size: 5.375" x 8.00"


YAF059090 YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Sports & Recreation / Martial Arts

YAF058070 YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Disabilities

YAF018000 YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Family / General

Price: $16.95

Ages: 13+

Publication Date: May 2024

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With an upcoming international tournament where top college recruiters will take note, sixteen-year-old Rowan trains to earn a scholarship and secure her planned future with her Shakespeare-thespian boyfriend, Ozzy. But when a costly treatment for her father’s worsening ALS symptoms emerges in Sweden, Rowan decides to train with an MMA fighter at her gym to fight and make money in an underground — and illegal — fight club. As Rowan delves into the world of cage-fighting, risking her relationship and her wrestling career, she soon learns that no amount of money — or fighting — can solve her problems.

Takedown is a high-intensity coming-of-age story about familial grief and competitive combat, with lots of heart, hope, and headlocks.

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